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Abada nightmare: 2 Ateneans fall prey to robbers in car

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Two Ateneans lost their belongings to robbers who used a car to stalk them along Esteban Abada Street in Katipunan, and flee the scene after taking their personal belongings.

According to a report by The Guidon, Ateneo de Manila University’s school paper, the two students decided to walk along Abada at around 2 a.m. on December 7 because there were no tricycles nearby.

The students then noticed a white car moving slowly with its hazard lights turned on. They continued to walk since they assumed the car was waiting for a passenger.

The car, however took a u-turn and began to follow the students. Alarmed, they ran down the street and hid at a nearby tutorial center and stayed there for a few minutes.

After feeling the car already left, the students resumed walking. Out of nowhere, however, the car appeared again, sending the Ateneans into flight mode.

Upon reaching a sari-sari store near the corner of Esteban Abada and Fabian dela Rosa streets, two men appeared and ordered the students to turn over their belongings.

One of the robbers pointed a knife at the Ateneans, while one took their belongings. Another older-looking man ordered them around to avoid shouting.

The students said the robbers sped through Fabian Dela Rosa and turned right to Katipunan Avenue after taking their belongings.

The incident has been reported to the Quezon City police, Barangay Loyola Height and the Ateneo Campus Safety and Mobility Office (CSMO).

Authorities are now looking at CCTV footage from nearby establishments to determine the car’s model and its license plate.