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Abante: ‘God, not man, instituted death penalty for good of mankind’

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House Minority Leader Bienvenido Abante Jr. on Wednesday pushed for the reimposition of the death penalty, calling on his colleagues in the House of Representatives to revive capital punishment for drug-related crimes.

“If God did not consider death penalty is a deterrent, he would not have instituted it,” the Manila lawmaker said.

“God, not man, instituted the death penalty for the good of mankind,” Abante, a pastor, said.

Abante, author of House Bill 1588, stressed that he is a supporter of the death penalty, “in defense of human life, honor and dignity, preservation of peace and order in society, and respect for law and authority.”

“The death penalty is a right given to the State to correct a heinous wrong, that has been committed, not only against the victim, but against the state and society,” he said.

“A person who commits a heinous crime exhibits a depravity that forfeits his very existence in this society,” Abante said.

According to the solon, history and religion allowed the imposition of capital punishment, and that the Bible “tells us about the principle of sowing and reaping, as well as the injunction on justice.”

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