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Abe backs Duterte’s war on drugs


The Philippines and Japan finalized a joint action plan against illegal drugs during the working visit of President Rodrigo Duterte to Tokyo, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) disclosed Tuesday night.

DFA said the action plan would serve as a guideline for Japan-Philippines cooperation on measures against illegal drugs over the next five years starting 2018.

The cooperation will cover relapse prevention among illegal drug users, prevention of using illegal narcotics, and poverty alleviation in the context of illegal drug use prevention.

On countering relapse, the two will tie up for the provision of appropriate treatment and protocols based on coordination between rehabilitation centers and community-based treatment facilities.

Japan will implement support measures such as “development and upgrading of facilities for treatment”, “development of operational guidelines for treatment facilities” and “development of treatment programs and human resources” in model areas.

As a relapse prevention measure, Tokyo will share its experience in developing national center for treatment and research, regional treatment centers and counseling centers and strengthening the partnership with private organizations for
more effective treatment and rehabilitation.

On prevention of illegal drug use, Japan will assist in increasing awareness and promoting drug abuse prevention education for juveniles, households, schools and local communities.

Noted in the DFA attachment sent to the media, the last scope of coordination between the two countries on illegal drugs will be on poverty alleviation in the context of preventing drug use.

Japan will support the Philippine government in providing vocational training for illegal drug user and assist in giving educational opportunities by introducing useful examples, development of facilities, and provision of equipment and Human Resource Development.

“Japan will offer cooperation for the Philippine government to break the connection between illegal drugs use and poverty by providing educational opportunities and vocational training and skills improvement activities after the implementation
of needs survey,” the plan reads. (PNA)