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Trixie Cruz slams Rappler for oppressing Jiggy Manicad: Porke’t ‘di kumampi kay Ressa masama agad?!


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An abogado who enjoys a huge Facebook following has scored Rappler for vilifying former journalist Jiggy Manicad over his statement that press freedom is not under attack.

In a Facebook post Thursday (January 31), Trixie Cruz-Angeles said Rappler editor Miriam Grace Go’s statement that Manicad shouldn’t be allowed to work in the media industry again after the May elections is a clear example of “oppression.”

“For Rappler, it is a sin for journalists not to worship at the altar of Maria Ressa and subscribe to her doctrine of victimization. And those who sin must be excommunicated,” she said.

Angeles said she’s now looking at Manicad as a viable senatorial candidate “if only to drive Ms. Ressa crazy.”

Go said in a newsletter posted this week that it was “unforgivable” for Manicad, a senatorial candidate, to say that Rappler’s legal woes were not proof that press freedom is under attack in the Philippines.

As a former member of the media, Go said Manicad “should have been more sensible than make a sweeping claim that the entire sector is not bullied, pressured, or exposed to danger for reporting in a way that does not please this administration.”

“Should Manicad lose in the senatorial elections – and he will – his home studio GMA-7, and other media networks for that matter, should not let him get through the revolving door,” she said.

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