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By Nancy Carvajal

The chief of the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) legal assistance section was arrested by his own colleagues Monday (September 21) for alleged bribery and extortion.

Joshua Paul Capiral was arrested following three weeks of surveillance after he cleared individuals linked to the “pastillas” scheme at the Bureau of Immigration.

“This is painful because he is supposed to be one of us, but it turned out he sells NBI cases in exchange for money,’’ NBI- Special Action unit chief Emeterio Dongallo said.

“It was not only Pastillas, we also has proof that he tone down drug cases against, Kerwin Espinosa and other controversial cases,” Dongallo added.

Capiral allegedly charges P100,000 to clear a suspect from the rap sheet or tone down charges against him or her. He has also been reportedly dropping the names of NBI officials in his extortion activities.

Among the evidence gathered by NBI against Capiral were video tapes, text messages and personal testimonies.

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