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Abu Sayyaf terror threat is last reason why Duterte declared a state of lawlessness nationwide. Find out the first 2

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President Rodrigo Duterte declared a nationwide state of lawlessness just hours after the “Black Friday” bomb blast in Davao City allegedly carried out by the Abu Sayyaf terrorist group.

But Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo pointed out that the terror threat posed by the barbaric bandits was not the only reason why Duterte declared a state of lawless violence or an order similar to the state of emergency declared by former presidents to suppress chaos.

The biggest reason? Illegal drugs.

“We have the drug menace, which covers the entire country. Ninety eight percent of the barangays have been infiltrated by drug dealers – and by drug dealers, I mean drug users, drug pushers, drug lords,” said Panelo.

In an interview with reporters after inspecting the blast site Saturday morning, Duterte said that any punitive actions taken by the police or military “would be in furtherance to stop terrorism… including drugs because of the so many killings unfairly attributed to the police.”

The second top reason cited by Panelo was “the high rate of criminality happening in the entire country.’

“Lahat ng klaseng crime: may private crimes, may public crimes,” said Panelo.

Panelo lumped together as a final reason the terrorism threat along with the Abu Sayyaf and the rebellion threat from Moros and communists.