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ACT-CIS party-list Rep. Niña Taduran has proposed the establishment of drive-through services for all supermarket chains as a way to minimize the public’s exposure to Covid-19.

“Speaking not as a lawmaker but as a homemaker who has the task of making regular grocery runs, I sympathize with the people standing in line for their turn to enter the supermarket,” she said.

“Kahit na may physical distancing sa pila, andun parin ang pangamba na baka mahawa ka dahil sa panahon na itinatagal mo sa pila, na minsan ay inabot pa ng isang oras,” Taduran explained.

“I heard about the plan proposed by PNP Deputy Chief for Administration PLt. Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan to establish drive through services for all frontline services of the PNP like gun registration and vehicle clearances, and I commend the General for coming up with a brilliant solution to minimize the public’s ang the PNP’s risk of exposure to the disease.”

“Taking the cue from the PNP, I thought it was a good idea to implement the same for daily essentials like grocery shopping as well,” said Taduran.

Taduran is proposing to supermarket owners to set up online portals where shoppers can pre-order and pay for their groceries like “Shoppee”, and simply go to the drive thru to pick up their packed orders.

Alternatively, those without vehicles can do the same online purchase and then pick up their orders by lining up inside the grocery, with their waiting time significantly reduced as they simply have to pick up their packed order.

“Tanggapin na natin na ganito na ang ‘new normal’ and the only thing we can do to save ourselves from Covid is to adapt,” Taduran said.

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