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Acting ‘little President’ is a celebrity lawyer too

For all legal concerns, megastar Sharon Cuneta apparently always runs to her best lawyer buddy – Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra for advice.

The film actress recently met with Guevarra and another lawyer friend, admitting that her energy has been drained while discussing legal issues.

“Just finished meeting with my lawyer and friend of 25 years, Meynard Guevarra, who is now Senior Deputy Executive Secretary to President Duterte (now acting Executive Secretary), and another of my close lawyers of about a decade now, Atty. Nona Suarez. It was nice catching up but legal stuff is always energy-draining for me!” Sharon wrote.

Guevarra, a law graduate from Ateneo de Manila, previously served as commissioner of the Philippine Competition Commission. He was also named Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs during the Aquino administration. Prior to his govenrment stint, Guevarra was involved in private litigation practice.

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