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Actress by accident: Director Erik Matti agrees to cast Berna Romulo Puyat in ‘Darna’

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Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat will be in the much awaited film adaptation of the popular Filipino comics series, “Darna.”

No less than the film’s director, Erik Matti, agreed to cast Puyat as an extra in “Darna” as a way of honoring the memory of the Tourism Secretary’s late sister, Lupe.

In an Instagram post, Matti shared a screenshot of the credits roll in his latest film, “Buy Bust.” Lupe was included as among the people to whom the movie was dedicated.

Matti explained that Lupe was his “number one fan” who looked forward to watching “Buy Bust” before she died in November 2017.

He said Lupe also wanted to be an extra in “Darna.”

Puyat was touched about her sister’s inclusion in “Buy Bust’s” credits and suggested to Matti that she take her sister’s place instead in the upcoming superhero film.

Matti gamely replied, “Game!”

Unknown to many, Puyat also appeared as an extra in two of Judy Ann Santos’ films that were directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

We offered the film in memory of a few special people who passed away during the making of the film. 1. Chekie Llerin was the PDEA consultant assigned to give us the hard truths about what goes on on the ground in the drug war without prejudice to any sector affected by it. He was gunned down in fron of his house two weeks after we finished shooting. He was with his wife after their wedding anniversary dinner. 2. Noe Evangelista was one of our stunt guys who died during filming from an uknown disease that left him bedridden for weeks. He was the pana boy who shot Brandon in the estero. He was a promising stunt guy who had a real presence on acreen. 3. Lupe Romulo was my number one fan. She’s the sister of #erwinromulo our musical director. She was looking forward to watching #BuyBust before she died. I miss smoking a cigarette with her. And she had the most infectious laughter. She even asked to be casted as an extra in #Darna. 4. Baldo Marro was a legend. He was a fight and stunt director who has done hundreds if not thousands of Filipino films. And he’s a good actor too. He did the fight direction in our test shoot. And the last 3 names were the military soldiers who died in combat in Marawi. When BuyBust started shooting, we used the fresh graduates of PMA in the scenes where the PDEA team of Victor Neri were training in a military camp. These soldiers were in the opening credits of the movie marching, training and running around the camp with the PDEA team. Shortly after we left SOCCOM where we shot those scenes, these PMA graduates were deployed to fight in Marawi. These were the soldiers who didn’t make it back.

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