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After Duterte rants vs hubby, Korina to write a book on Mar’s achievements

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For broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, her husband Mar Roxas is one of the best contenders in the senatorial elections this May.

Korina, in a Facebook post, has vouched for her husband’s integrity and competence after alleging that his opponents are “working triple time” to bring him down. She is also considering writing a book on the achievements of Roxas as a public servant.

“I hope you also don’t mind I vouch for my husband as one of the best choices you can make for senator in May. I know exactly why I want each of my senatorial choices to win or drop out. Madedefend ko yan, factually. Hindi opinyon lang o based sa paninira. Andami kaseng makabitiw lang ng salitang masama. Wala naman facts,” she said.

“In any case, one day I will write that book. For today, a message of love and hope and a call to action, to stand by what’s true. Troll-free,” she said.

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