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Ain’t one big fight:Ateneo De Manila University cites data privacy, safe spaces laws to protect alleged sexual harassers


Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) is hiding behind laws to protect the professors who are allegedly involved in sexual harassment incidents.

ADMU addressed allegations of sexual harassment involving teachers and students Wednesday (October 16) after some members of the community held a protest demanding that the university stop protecting the supposedly predatory professors.

“Because of confidentiality restrictions in the Data Privacy Act and the Safe Spaces Act, however, we cannot disclose any information that might reveal the identities of individuals concerned, the content of the proceedings and the consequent decision made by the University,” the statement read.

The lunchtime protest at ADMU Tuesday (October 15) was prompted by the statement of a student who claimed he was sexually harassed by his English professor.

The student said he complained about the alleged sexual misconduct to school authorities, which held hearings on the case.

ADMU, he claimed, only meted out a 15-day suspension to the professor, who continues to teach at the university.

At least two other professors in ADMU are accused of sexual misconduct.

ADMU said in its statement that it does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment by any member of the community, but failed to go beyond motherhood statements as to how it is protecting students.

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