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Akala parang Davao lang: Duterte admits vow to rid PH of drugs a ‘fiasco’


President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted to belittling the extent of the drug problem in the country when he vowed to end it in six months after assuming office.

In a speech at the National Economic Development Authority’s 45th anniversary Tuesday (February 6), Duterte said he made the promise out of “naivete.”

“Now, I would tell you that I — there was this promise which turned out to be a nightmare, a fiasco. Well, because when I was mayor, I made the promise — ang mindset ko was Davao,” he explained.

Duterte said he got a wake up call once he was in office.

“When I became President, nakita ko ‘yung magnitude, the dimension of the contamination at it run into millions, at maraming namatay,” he said.

Duterte said he was shocked to learn the extent of the involvement of policemen and government officials in the illegal drug trade.

“So I was fighting the front here at my back, the Customs people who are so corrupt, they were also in cahoots with the others, importing droga — so by tonelada,” he said.

Since admitting that he cannot solve the drug problem within six months of his term, Duterte said he wikl be fighting narcotics until the end of his term.

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