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Alam na! Bruce Rivera outs Sass Sasot as source of fake news on Robredo’s pregnancy


The Netherlands-based blogger Sass Sasot was the source of the false information on Vice President Leni Robredo’s pregnancy, abogado Bruce Rivera has revealed.

In a 10-minute videotaped rant against Sasot, Rivera said he did not join other pro-Duterte bloggers in writing about Robredo’s supposed pregnancy because he knew it was untrue.

“Sa totoo lang, fake news naman yung sinasabi ng iba na ginawa niyo eh. Yung buntis si Leni, di ba kayo naglabas nun? Totoo bang buntis si Leni, di ba hindi?” he asked, addressing Sasot.

Aside from Sasot, RJ Nieto of the “Thinking Pinoy” blog was among those who wrote about Robredo’s supposed pregnancy. He hyped the theory by mentioning the Vice President’s meeting with a geriatrics doctor in the United States late last year, one who supposedly specializes in taking care of women who get pregnant a few years before they experience menopause.

Rivera said that while he supports Duterte, he does not want to have anything to do with spreading misinformation, like what other bloggers are doing.

“May fake news kayo, may fake news rin yung kabila. May mukha lang tayo dahil hindi tayo takot kasi si Presidente ang Presidente,” he said.

Lumalabas na we have a bully prresident and we are enablers because we are bullies ourselves and I don’t want that,” he added. “Kung ganyan ang gusto niyong mangyari, count me out.”

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