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Alex Magno: They should have asked someone else other than Roxas


Alex Magno: If the political aristocrats of the LP wanted to fly a trial balloon, they should have asked someone else other than Roxas to release it. Floundering in the pre-election surveys, he has too much vested interest in postponing elections by means fair or foul. Philippine Star

Alex Magno: It is a stupid idea to begin with. Toby Tiangco was correct in describing the proposal as “delusional.” Philippine Star

Alex Magno: If, as suspected, previous presidents tried to extend their stay in office, they at least tried to prepare the ground for it by pushing for constitutional change. Now, with nothing more than imperious whim, Roxas and his cabal want the Constitution simply trampled. Philippine Star

Alex Magno: Mar Roxas just insinuated himself into the ranks of this reckless bunch willing to reduce the Charter to shreds in pursuit of narrow political interests. Shame on himPhilippine Star

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