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Alias lang si David Tan: DOJ approves Davidson Bangayan’s indictment for rice smuggling

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Alleged rice smuggler Davidson Bangayan faces indictment over the use of dummy cooperatives in getting rice importations.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) this November released a resolution finding probable cause to charge Bangayan of monopolies and combinations in restraint of trade as well as the illegal use of the alias David Tan which he allegedly used in his illegal dealings.

In the indictment for monopolies and combinations in restraint of trade, the DOJ also named those to be indicted with him as Elizabeth Faustino; spouses David Lim and Judilynne Lim; Eleanor Rodriguez; and Leah Echeveria.

The case stemmed from the anomalous transactions allegedly entered into by the respondents through the employment of farmers’ organizations as their dummies in the bidding of importations conducted by the National Food Authority (NFA).

“For that reason, the above-named respondents, who were engaged in the importation of rice, with the intention of manipulating and increasing the market price of the rice supply and for the purpose of making transactions prejudicial to lawful commerce, by combining, conspiring, and employing the farmers’ cooperatives to participate in the bidding of importation of such commodity, should be held liable under Article 186, paragraph 3, of the RPC which is further aggravated by the fact that the subject imported article is a prime necessity,” read the DOJ.

Concerning the use of the alias, the DOJ said Bangayan “cannot overcome the positive and credible evidence submitted by the NBI-AGD (National Bureau of Investigation-Anti-Graft Division) comprising, among others, of the affidavits of witnesses and public records showing that he is indeed using, in addition to his true name, the alias ‘David Tan’.”