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Alunan calls Trillanes a Manchurian candidate: His days of undeserved freedom are numbered


Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan III is optimistic that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV will be locked up in jail soon following the revocation of his amnesty.

“For me his days of undeserved freedom are numbered before real and impartial justice takes over and makes things right in the national interest,” Alunan wrote on Facebook.

The former Cabinet Secretary said the integrity and credibility of Trillanes have already been “shattered,” wondering who was pulling the strings of this “Manchurian candidate.”

“Sen. Trillanes looks like a manchurian candidate to me, someone controlled by foreign and local principals to divide institutions and society, so that they can rule us,” he said.

“We should be curious to find out for ourselves for whose bidding he did all that damage; for how much; and at what cost to the nation given all of his malicious machinations, misadventures and miscalculations,” he said.

He said if Trillanes was not a puppet of some group to advance their selfish interests, he would have been a “much better Filipino” protecting national interest.

Trillanes, however, has not been popular among his mistahs and fellow lawmakers, said Alunan.
“His fellow cavaliers from PMA have spoken out against him. Except for a handful, my estimate is that the Senate and Lower House would have a low opinion of him as well,” he said.

“If a survey were mounted to determine how many % of society support him today, I’d venture the guess that he’d receive low marks too. He didn’t fool Stephen Sakur of BBC, that’s for sure, who unmasked him for what he really is – fraudulent, period,” he said.