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Ang daming tanong kasi! Duterte’s office to release memo formalizing measures vs Covid-19

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By Prince Golez

The Office of the President is preparing a memorandum formalizing the adoption of measures prepared by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea said.

Medialdea on Friday said the memorandum intends to “fill in the gaps” and clarify details of President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest directives in battling the disease.

“In his message to our people, the President read from the Resolution of the IATF. As you may all know by now, this has led to a deluge of questions from the public about the scope of those directives,” according to him.

“I have received a number of them myself, and I am sure each of you also did. In fact, I will have to admit to all of you that, in my experience, no single pronouncement of the President has given rise to so many questions as the one last night,” he added.

Thursday evening, Duterte raised the Covid-19 alert system to Code Red sublevel 2, putting Metro Manila under “community quarantine,” as well as banning mass gatherings in the region. The President also ordered a one-month extension of class suspensions at all levels to ensure safety.

“This virus is the biggest and most urgent problem the government is facing right now, but let us remember that we also have our people’s livelihoods to consider. Any measure that will impoverish them will be seen as a cure worse than the disease,” Medialdea said.

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