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Sheer simple-mindedness.

This was how Sen. Panfilo Lacson described the penchant of some parties to attack the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 anew by linking it to recent alleged police “misdeeds”.

“Simple mindedness means charging each and every allegation of police misdeed or abuse to the Anti Terrorism Act of 2020 – never mind if the two are totally unrelated,” Lacson, who sponsored the measure in the Senate, said in a post on his Twitter account Tuesday.

Since last weekend, some parties insisted on linking the anti-terror law to an incident involving Metro Manila police led by chief Debold Sinas.

Many of them took to social media claiming this was an abuse of the anti-terror law.

The incident involved the alleged harassment of a family in Taguig City by a group of Metro Manila police led by Sinas.

But the Metro Manila police said Sinas led an inspection of the old RDSU building in Taguig City, to convert it into a quarantine facility for the Philippine National Police.

It added the RDSU building and the motor pool building and parking garage are inside a lot owned by the Southern Police District.

Also, the NCRPO said the family living in the area is an illegal occupant of the motor pool building, adding the patriarch – former Police Executive Master Sgt. Arnel delos Santos – retired as early as November 2018 and brought his family to live with him at the motor pool quarters.

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