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Ang kitid ng utak mo! Piñol slams Leni for warning about corruption in river dreding projects


Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol can’t believe Vice President Leni Robredo would hold back on an important project such as the dredging of Bicol River over fear of corruption.

In a Facebook post Tuesday (January 8), Piñol said he was “dumbfounded” about Robredo’s view on the link between corruption and river dredging.

“By giving more weight on the possibility of corruption instead of the benefits that the dredging of the rivers will bring, Vice President Robredo has exposed a narrow-minded perspective of how government should work and operate,” he said.

Piñol suggested dredging Bicol River and other river systems in the country to prevent or ease flooding.

Robredo, however, said river dredging is prone to corruption because the depth of digging could not be ascertained.

“Iyong pagpalalim ng… Hindi mo nakikita kasi nasa ilalim siya ng tubig,” she said on her “Biserbisyong Leni” show over RMN Sunday (January 6).

For Piñol, corruption involves people and not projects or government agencies.

“Any government project, however noble and laudable the intent is, could be plagued with corruption if the people undertaking it would decide to steal money. The fear of corruption, however, should not tie our hands and prevent us from taking risks as government servants,” he said.

Taking a swipe at Robredo, Piñol said the government would be unable to accomplish projects if politikos are always fearful of corruption.

“If that is the mindset, let us just dismantle government so that there will be no corruption at all,” he said.

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