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Special Envoy to China Mon Tulfo is dismayed that President Rodrigo Duterte no longer seems to have a hardline stance on corruption like he did when he was mayor of Davao City.

In his September 19 column for the Manila Times, Tulfo expressed his disappointment about Duterte’s inaction on his exposé about a supposed syndicate at the Bureau of Immigration (BI) that allows Chinese workers of Philippine offshore gaming operators to enter the country on a tourist visa.

Tulfo had written about the reported syndicate’s activities in his column, citing immigration officer Allison Chiong as his anonymous source. However, it was ignored by Malacanang, prompting Chiong to go to Senator Risa Hontiveros for help.

The Senate committee on women, children and family relations chaired by Hontiveros will resume its investigation on the supposed syndicate at BI and their modus next week.

“Despite that exposé, Malacañang never ordered an investigation, which prompted Chiong to go to Senator Hontiveros. Again, that exposé was not whiff of a smoke but a big fire that should have prompted President Digong to order an investigation, but he did not,” Tulfo said.

“I wonder what’s happening to my friend Digong; he’s no longer his old self,” he added.

Tulfo said that since writing about the supposed modus at BI, he has been slapped with various libel and cyberlibel charges from people he believes are connected with the syndicate and former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II.

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