Apir! Teddy Locsin slams ‘sioki’ journalism amid Rappler outcry
Journalism is no place for crybabies.

Apir! Teddy Locsin slams ‘sioki’ journalism amid Rappler outcry

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Journalism is no place for crybabies.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. has taken a swipe at Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa for their “sioki” (cowardly) brand of journalism for virtually invoking immunity from libel suits.

Locsin, whose father’s Philippines Free Press was shuttered by then President Ferdinand Marcos during martial law, believes that hard-hitting journalists should be able to take the blows from people who have been at the receiving end of their critical reports.

In Rappler and Ressa’s case, Locsin was disgusted that they chose to invoke press freedom when faced with a libel case from businessman Wilfredo Keng.

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“Rappler outcry proposes that journalists are entitled not just to Presidential immunity from suit during tenure but blanket immunity from so much as a hint of suspicion of wrongdoing let alone accusation of a crime. Not even Kings were so entitled as shown by their beheadings,” he tweeted.

“A libel proof plaintiff is one who cannot plead having been libeled; in short a person on whom open season has been declared. This is the ideal of cowardly low born NATIVE journalists who can’t take as good as they dish out. Sioki journalism. ‘Appear!’ w(ith) soft wave of the hand,” he said in another post.

Locsin also apparently thought tha Philippine Star’s decision to yank out its 2002 story on Keng due to the controversy created by the libel case of Rappler was a “sioki” move.

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Locsin concurred with former Supreme Court spokesperson Teddy Te that the best course of action was to get a High Court interpretation on the cybrecrime prevention law particularly on the provision extending the prescription period of libel from one year to 12 years after publication.

Locsin also commented on Ressa’s move to rally her allies locally and from abroad with claims of harassment and attack on press freedom.

“Well, that’s fair to marshal one colleagues in one’s defense; why the fuck not? But in my time none of my colleagues ever came to my defense although I did in theirs. So w(ith) an Inquirer story I reprinted, for which I was sued by the great Atty Armovit, I threw Letty (Jimenez Magsanoc, the late, great editor-in-chief of the Inquirer) under the bus,” he tweeted.

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