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Apology rejected! Twitter furious with Bertiz for using monthly period as excuse for airport arrogance


ACT OFW party-list Rep. John Bertiz is getting pummelled online after blaming his recent airport misconduct to his supposed menstrual cycle.

Several netizens have slammed Bertiz for his latest misogynist remark while others rejected his insincere apology.

“What’s wrong with saying ‘sorry,’ period? Why do you have to put monthly in between? Stop using and trivializing women’s menstrual cycle as excuse for what you, as a man, did. #sexism #misogyny,” @lyndajumilla tweeted.

“Wow, can this guy say anything right? The woman’s monthly period is sacred to us and part of our felinity. it alters hormones though and can cause mood changes but that is no reason to make fun of it or use it as excuse for your arrogance, Cong. Bertiz! #BabaeAko,” @citizenjaneph said.

@momblogger commented: “#BabaeAko and having a monthly period is never an excuse to follow security protocol #Bertiz. He is digging a deeper hole.”

@SaraBratinela commented: “@john_bertiz di rin koya. Kapag ako nagkataon may period at flight ko ni minsan hindi ako nagmaangas sa mga personnel sa NAIA. Wag kame. May nalalaman ka pang “Once a year kung dapuan ng monthly period”. Kaloka! Your apology is NOT ACCEPTED and what you did is UNACCEPTABLE!”

“@john_bertiz manghigingi ka lang ng paumanhin, sasabihin mo pang nagka monthly period ka? Nuong una, sinisi mo ang mga “Chinese looking persons”. Ngayon naman dahil sa monthly period? #racist ka ba? #bigot ka ba? Nasa katinuan ka ba? #BertizResign,” @reyjuico wrote.


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