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Vice President Leni Robredo believes President Rodrigo Duterte made a number of good decisions in his four years in office despite having a fair share of controversies.

In a radio interview Friday (September 25), Duterte mentioned the “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program as one of the laudable things done by the administration. She said the passage of the Universal Healthcare Law was also laudable.

“Maraming mga batas na napasa na ngayon, halimbawa ‘yung Universal Health Care napasa na ngayon,” the Vice President said.

Robredo, however, said there were “missed opportunities” for Duterte as his attention was focused on things apart from urgent matters concerning the country.

“Polarization na para sakin yung Pangulo dapat mas unifying… in the sense na mas marami tayong maaabot kung ‘yung collective action natin nandiyan,” she said.

Robredo said it was also unhealthy for Duterte to continue blaming the Aquino administration.

“Hindi nakakatulong sa bansa na parang ‘yung vendetta, kasi hindi nagkakaroon ng continuity,” she said. “I think bad for the country siya, na anything associated with the past administration hindi gagawin.”

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