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Are Chinese workers sleeper agents? Habito sees parallel in PH experience with Japanese halo-halo vendors turned spies

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Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cielito Habito is concerned that the Chinese workers flooding the Philippines, specifically in on-line gambling, could be sleeper agents of the Chinese military.

Habito saw a common thread between the invasion of “military-age” Chinese workers in the country under the Duterte administration and his late father’s account of how “formerly coy and soft-spoken Japanese proprietors of refreshment parlors specializing in mungo-con-hielo and halo-halo metamorphosed into bemedaled, grim-faced military officers” during the war years from 1941 to 1945.”

Habito said his business friends dismissed it as paranoia because the horde of Chinese workers was being driven by demand from Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (Pogos) whose main clients were Chinese and China-funded infrastructure projects.

But Habito could not shake off the first hand experience of his father with two-faced Japanese spies which he read in his father’s 1990 manuscript entitled “The Oppressively Hot Rising Sun Over the UPCA (University of the Philippines College of Agriculture) Campus,”

“Those of Itay’s generation are thus most likely to give credence to the not uncommonly expressed fear that we face a similar prospect with the large numbers of Chinese workers now flooding the country.

Apprehensive netizens describe groups of ‘military-age Chinese men’ seen living together in condos all over the city, even in houses in posh villages like Ayala Alabang, reportedly paid for in cash,” said Habito in his Inquirer column.

“Only time will tell whether or not suspecting these men to be covert or would-be members of China’s People’s Liberation Army is unwarranted paranoia. My father’s historical account suggests that we can’t dismiss it outright, and today’s commemoration of the fall of Bataan should remind us that never again must we surrender sovereignty to a foreign power,” he said.

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