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Arroyo diagnosed with ‘lots of growth’ but polyps didn’t ripen into cancer



The House leadership urged the public to remain calm following President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent pronouncement over his health condition.

Former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said the discovered “growth” in Duterte’s intestinal tract should be only a cause of concern if he admits that it was already life threatening.

Arroyo said during her stint in the presidency, she was also diagnosed with several “pre-cancerous polyps” in some parts of her body.

“I have had also lots of growth in my time. They were pre-cancerous polyps but they never ripened into cancer,” said Arroyo.

The former president stressed that the growth didn’t prosper in its advance stage due to its “timely removal’ using modern technology.

Duterte admitted before members of the Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association in Malacañang that he visited the Cardinal Santos Medical Center last October 3, wherein, he underwent some tests.

In the same event, the chief executive vowed to inform the public if he is diagnosed with cancer.

“If it’s cancer, it’s cancer. It it’s third stage no more treatment. I will no longer prolong my agony in the office,” said Duterte.

Arroyo earlier said that there is no need for Malacañang to release regular medical bulletins with concerns to the health status of the President since the chief executive is very pellucid ans transparent on the matter.

Addressing the 3rd Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Forum of the Asia-Pacific Association of Gastroenterology (APAGE) in Cebu City last month, Duterte disclosed that he recently underwent colonoscopy and endoscopy.