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Asar talo! Heydarian resorts to insults after Franco Mabanta trounces him in FB debate

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Political analyst Richard Heydarian attacked the ideology of President Rodrigo Duterte’s avid supporters after pro-administration social media personality Franco Mabanta beat him in an exchange of comments on Facebook.

The exchange between Heydarian and Mabanta started after GMA Network’s resident political analyst posted a status message on July 1 which read, “Atin ang Pilipinas. Sainyo na si Mayor Kasama Jetski niya.”

Mabanta said Heydarian’s wish is “fairly illogical” since there are only “so few” who support him.

Heydarian shot back: “Sorry man, check the data. Majority don’t want DUWAG China boys. Speaking of nominal approval ratings, remember Aquino went down with more than half approval?”

Mabanta, however, pointed out that Heydarian’s post implied he had more supporters than Duterte.

“Yes but the dileanation (sic) you made was between the islands and the President, as though the choice had to be exclusively binary. I don’t know why critics have yet to understand the point we’ve been trying to make since the very start: that democracy is simply the process of appealing to the majority. And the staggering majority of our ‘bayan’ prefer our ‘mayor,’ hence separating the two isn’t logical,” he said.

Heydarian then pointed out that the 16 million who voted for Duterte in 2016 do not comprise majority of the voters in the last national elections. Mabanta responded by saying the President may have gotten as much as 22 million votes if not for the alleged poll fraud which happened in 2016.

Not to be outdone, Heydarian shifted the issue to former President and erstwhile House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“Speaking of electoral fraud, DDSs is so in loce with ‘hello Garci’ arroyo no?”

Mabanta said he’s not in a position to judge Arroyo since she appears to have “sufficiently done her penance.”

“We’re smart men, yes, but we shouldn’t be so arrogant as to dictate what others deserve. We leave that stuff to the law and the courts,” he said.

Heydarian responded with a meme of Arroyo on the phone with the text that read, “Hello Garci.”

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