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Ateneo students diss Irene Marcos for stepping on campus: She can’t be with us!

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The student council of Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) is demanding an apology from the administration of the school’s creative hub, Arete, for inviting Irene Marcos to the inauguration of its amphitheater on Sunday (April 7).

In a statement, the Sanggunian condemned Marcos’ “invitation and participation” to the event, which was held inside ADMU’s premises.

The student council said it was “ironic” that Marcos, the daughter of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was at the launch considering that creativity was among the values “systematically destroyed” during his rule.

“Arete’s invitation of a Marcos appears as a form of shameless compliance to the very movement that the Ateneo vehemently opposes, the erasure of Martial Law crimes from history and from the present discourse during the campaign period of the 2019 senatorial elections,” the Sanggunian said.

Aside from an apology, the student council wants the Arete administration to explain why Marcos was invited to the event.

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