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President Rodrigo Duterte and his long time partner, Honeylet Avanceña, may not be married, but their relationship is definitely for keeps.

Duterte said Thursday (May 23) that he plans to stay at his house with Avanceña in Davao City when he retires from politics.

It’s the house where he wants to die, too.

“‘Yung bahay ni Honeylet, diyan na ako sabi ko, mamamatay. I will stay there. When I retire.

Hindi ko na kailangan ng bahay na malaki,” he said during Senator-elect Bong Go’s thanksgiving party.

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Duterte expressed admiration for Avanceña for growing her wealth over the years by putting up various businesses.

He, however, admitted that their relationship was a factor in her success.

“Eh ikaw ba naman, papasok ka ng meat tapos anak ka ng — ay asawa ka ng mayor, meatshop ka. Eh ‘di siyempre ‘pag marinig ni Gaisano. ‘O sige iyo na ‘yan.’ O si NCC naman. ‘O iyo na ‘yan lahat.’ Eh talagang yayaman ka,” Duterte said, referring to the big mall operators in Davao City.

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