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Ayaw lang sipain ni Duterte! Lacson: ‘Untenable’ for Robredo to remain drug czar

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Senator Panfilo Lacson believes it has become untenable for Vice President Leni Robredo to remain as drug czar after President Rodrigo Duterte said he doesn’t trust her.

In a statement Wednesday (November 20), Lacson said Duterte stopped short of firing Robredo when he said he doesn’t want her to be part of the Cabinet because he doesn’t trust and know her.

“Obviously, the President wants her out without firing her, meaning he is leaving up to her to take the initiative and tender her resignation. I’m sure the Vice President is now processing how to deal with the situation and should make her decision sooner than later. I think her position has become untenable,” he said.

Lacson, a former chief of the Philippine National Police, said anyone appointed to a position of responsibility is bound to fail if he or she doesn’t have the “commensurate authority.”

“If the chief executive who is also the CIC (Commander in Chief) of all armed forces in the country has openly declared that he doesn’t trust her, what does she expect from all 20 member-agencies under the ICAD (Inter-Agency on Anti-Illegal Drugs)?” he said.

Duterte has slammed Robredo for talking “too much” since her appointment as co-chairperson of ICAD. He said he also doesn’t trust her because she’s with the opposition.

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