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Ayaw madedo ang Pangulo! Palace on SWS survey: More Pinoys care for Duterte’s health


By Prince Golez

The latest survey released by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that more Filipinos care for President Rodrigo Duterte, Malacanang said on Thursday.

“We look at these survey results with a positive outlook. It means that not only many Filipinos love the President but those who care for him have increased by 11 percent,” Panelo said in a statement.

“Translated into the number of Filipinos caring for the President, that’s a huge chunk of the population. The survey results show that an overwhelming number of Filipinos are praying for his good health, for his well being and for him to finish his term,” he added.

The SWS poll, conducted from December 16 to 19, 2018, reported that 66 percent of the 1,440 Filipino adult-respondents, were worried about Duterte’s health.

The survey also said 49 percent believe the President has health problems, while 24 percent do not believe.

Panelo claimed that Filipinos are worried that Duterte “who is offering his freedom and his life so he could save the succeeding generation from being addicted to illegal drugs and from the clutches of certain death, as well as so he could free their families from being dysfunctional” would not complete his six-year term.

“They fear that such an unwelcome event will deprive them of the genuine change they have seen in his unorthodox, tough yet compassionate and caring governance,” the official said.

“The sizeable number of Filipinos who worries about (his) health wishes to convey to the President that he remains in robust wealth for the sake of the country and the people,” he added.

Panelo also assured the public that Duterte’s health is “fine” despite his “punishing schedule of activities in attending and responding to the needs of the citizenry.”

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