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Bad gamble! Politiko lets big time backer endorse favorite kid over son

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Defeated politiko (DP) has only his father (HF) to blame for his loss in the midterm polls.

During the campaign season, emissaries of big time backer (BB) met with HF to discuss on who should be endorsed from his family.

BB’s representatives told HF to choose between DP and his favorite child (FC) in a hotly contested race, since BB can’t support them both.

HF picked FC to get BB’s coveted endorsement.

Unfortunately, HF’s gamble bombed big time since BB’s support failed to get FC elected.

DP also lost, but only by a few votes.

Would the outcome have been different if HF didn’t play favorites? DP and daddy dearest will probably spend their whole lives wondering about the big “what if.”

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