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Bad taste to call Dutertes ‘first family’, Malacanang a ‘palace’, govt workers ‘officials’: No such things in a democracy – Duterte

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Don’t call the Dutertes “first family.” Never refer to Malacanang as a “palace.” And there are no “officials” in government, just workers.

These are the directives of President Rodrigo Duterte who believed that such terms have no place in a democracy like the Philippines.

“Alam mo sa totoo lang that is passé, bahaw na man (stale/old-fashioned) ang first family. You do not use it in a democratic country. Huwag mong gamitin ‘yang ‘first family, first family’. There is no such thing as a first family. Lahat Pilipino first family ‘yan. And it is in utter bad taste to use it,” said in a speech in Davao.

He said this was the same thing with calling the President’s official residence a palace since the country has no royalty.

“You have never heard me say Malacañan Palace, lalo na ‘yung palace. I just say ‘my office’. See me at my office. Go to my office. Hindi ako nag-aano…” he said.

For Duterte, all people who work for government, including top officials, are just workers.

“At saka ‘yung opisyal, opisyal. If you have noticed I use it government worker. I always say ‘mga kasama ko sa gobyerno’, government worker.

It’s not that I am trying to be corny about it. But I think that at this time, eh demokrasya ito, it’s a Republican form of government. Everybody is important here,” he said.