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Baka sa iba nakuha! Dick’s daughter cries foul as drivers become prime suspects of spreading COVID-19 in posh BGC condo

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The daughter of Senator Richard Gordon has cried foul over social media posts blaming their family drivers for spreading COVID-19 at the Pacific Plaza Towers (PPT) in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Marnie Gordon Sambalido confirmed in a statement Friday (August 7) that one of their drivers tested positive for the virus.

However, she said it was unfair to blame the driver for the COVID-19 outbreak at PPT, which has led to the infection of former Miss Universe Margie Moran’s brother, Francis, and his wife.

Moran, the wife of bilyonaryo Tonyboy Floirendo, asked for prayers for her brother as she blamed Gordon’s staff for the outbreak in a message to friends.

“I feel pointing fingers concerning a virus that is wide spread and highly contagious is not appropriate. Yes, it is possible that they may have been infected by our drivers but it is equally possible that our drivers got it from the many other drivers or staff in PPT as well. It just so happened that our drivers got tested first and the information was purposely shared by us,” Sambalido said.

“The news about Mr. and Mrs. Moran is very sad. Covid is a really pernicious disease. It is so pervasive in the Philippines that too many people are getting it,” she added.

Sambalido said they offered COVID-19 testing to all those sleeping in PPT’s driver’s quarters in the south tower, as well as those who came into contact with her father’s staff.

She said they also sent a team to disinfect the driver’s quarters and lounge on July 18.

Knowing of no action or seeing no announcements from the PPT management at close to midnight of July 17, I decided to notify our neighbors thru our informal community viber thread. We felt it was imperative for ALL to know,” Sambalido said.

Gordon’s daughter said they are praying for the Morans’ recovery.

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