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Bakasyon grande! Cabinet official goes MIA for free overseas trip


Cabinet Official (CO) sees no problem about leaving the country while crises are happening left and right, what with the fighting in Marawi still going on and Leyte being hit by a magnitude-6.5 earthquake last week.

Owing to the stressful nature of her job, CO felt she deserved to unwind abroad– and her classmates offered to shoulder the cost of her trip and that of her companions.

Expecting that the media and some people will look for her while she’s gone, CO told her underlings to tell whoever asks for her whereabouts that she’s earned the right to take a vacation since her attendance record was perfect in her first year in office.

Besides, CO filed her leave before the Marawi siege happened so the crisis should not be a factor in her departure.

She also said cannot afford to miss out on the trip since rebooking the flight will cause additional charges for her classmates, who treated her to a vacation.

CO can only hope no other controversy strikes the agency she heads while she’s away that President Rodrigo Duterte will demand for her head when she returns.

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