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Barretto matriarch faints, Edu Manzano hurt as feud between Claudine, Marjorie gets physical

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Chaos erupted at the wake of Miguel Barretto, father of celebrity sisters Marjorie, Gretchen and Claudine, as estranged relatives met controversial personalities in one venue.

Politiko’s source said tension began when Claudine arrived at the wake. She was displeased upon seeing her niece, Julia.

“Why are you here?” an incredulous Claudine asked Julia.

Marjorie’s feisty daughter shot back at her aunt: “You, why are you here?”

Feeling disrespected, Claudine told their relatives at the wake that Julia cursed at her. Her allegations didn’t sit well with Marjorie, who quickly jumped to her daughter’s defense.

A scuffle reportedly ensued between Claudine and Marjorie. Edu Manzano, who was at the wake, tried to break up the fight but ended up getting punched by accident by the sisters.

The stress caused the Barretto matriarch, Inday, to faint.

Tension at the wake rose further when Gretchen arrived at the wake. At that point, Rodrigo Duterte was already inside the chapel talking to the Barretto matriarch, who had regained consciousness.

Gretchen approached Duterte for a brief chat and proceeded to hug her mother, with whom she has been estranged for years.

Marjorie, however, was unhappy to see Gretchen and started throwing a fit. Duterte tried to patch things up between them but was unsuccessful.

At one point during the wake, Gretchen’s niece, Nicole, allegedly tried to slap her.

While guests managed to put some distance between Gretchen and Nicole, the latter stretched out her arm to pull the actress’ hair, making the situation worse.

Members of the Presidential Security Group allegedly intervened to stop the two Barretto relatives from feuding.

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