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Basted kasi palagi! Duterte treats women badly because he’s ugly – Trillanes

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has a theory on why President Rodrigo Duterte treats women so badly.

In a TV interview, Trillanes said Duterte was probably rejected many times by women he wooed during his youth because his face was not easy on the eye.

He said his mean attitude towards women – from encouraging soldiers to shoot them in the vagina to kissing and caressing them in public – was his payback to all the females who dumped him.

“Based on our profiling of Mr. Duterte, because probably early on his life he’s not exactly good looking, he probably experienced rejections by women and that’s the reason why he keeps on objectifying women, nd this is his way getting back at them. He wants to impose his will on them and now he feels that he cannot be rejected anymore,” said Trillanes.

Trillanes shot down claims that critics of Duterte’s controversial kiss with a married Filipina Bea Kim in Seoul were just “malicious” and saw the smack as dirty. He said it wasn’t only Filipinos who saw the kiss as bad behaviour especially from a President, the rest of the world’s media reported negatively on the incident.

“We don’t have this unique perspective of what happened. It’s the global perspective now we have to put our foot down on this thing because there are so many positive things about the Filipino culture, of Filipino values in general. So we have to call him out and put him in his place. Just because you’re the most powerful man in the country that’s doesn’t give you the right to (abuse) the rights of women or Filipinos in geneal,” said Trillanes.

Trillanes said Duterte’s kiss was “in very bad taste”and called him “mayakis” (sex maniac).

“We saw that the Pilipino was giving signals that you cannot go there but he still insisted and probably, this is also a part of culture that ayaw nating magpahiya. That’s probably why hinayaan niya na ganoon,” he said.

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