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Ba’t ngayon lang? Robredo opposes extension for Calida to comment on shading threshold issue


Vice President Leni Robredo has asked accused Solicitor General Jose Calida of delaying the resolution of her petition to implement the 25 percent threshold for the shaded ovals of ballots in the ongoing recount.

Because of this, Robredo has asked the Supreme Court (SC), sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), to deny the Office of the Solicitor General’s (OSG) appeal to extend its submission of a comment over the petition.

“The continued failure of the OSG to submit the Comment for and in behalf of COMELEC (Commission on Elections) has resulted to a delay in the disposition of the Urgent Motion for Reconsideration (of the Resolution dated April 10, 2018) with Reiterative Prayer to Immediately Direct the Head of Revisors to Use the Twenty-Five (25%) Threshold Percentage in the Revision, Recount and Re-Appreciation of Ballots dated April 19, 2018,” read her appeal.

“Hence, this vehement opposition to the third motion for extension of time filed by the Solicitor General since it would already total to whopping 40 days period to file said comment and protestee’s motion that the said threshold issue be now resolved even without the said comment of the Comelec and/or the Solicitor General,” she explained.

Robredo has filed a motion for reconsideration which asked the PET to reverse its April 10 ruling which denied her petition to set the threshold of the shades at 25 percent.

The PET set the threshold of the shades made on the ballots at 50 percent.

In its ruling, the PET said it is “not aware of any COMELEC Resolution that states the applicability of a 25 % threshold.”

With this, it pointed out that “the Tribunal has no basis to impose a 25% threshold in determining whether a vote is valid.”

“Further, protestee’s claim of a systematic reduction of her votes is without basis and shows a misunderstanding of the revision process,” the PET said.

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