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Bato dela Rosa: Duterte’s threat to cancel VFA is ‘fair’

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President Duterte is a leader who does not want his people treated “unfairly.”

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa stressed this on Thursday after Duterte threatened to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States if the US will not restore the former’s visa.

Dela Rosa on Wednesday confirmed that the US has revoked his visa which was supposed to end on 2022.

Asked whether he supports Duterte’s threat to end the VFA between the Philippines and US, Dela Rosa said, “Yes.”

Pressed whether it will affect the ties between Manila and Washington, Dela Rosa said, “I don’t deserve this bargain but it is not all about me.”

“It is about a one sided foreign relations,” the senator from Davao said.

“Okey lang mga sundalo nila labas pasok sa ating teritoryo while a senator of this republic is barred from entering their territory due to their intentions of tinkering with our domestic affairs,” he said.

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