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Bato denies Senate hearing aims to suppress student activism: Desperado na ang mga magulang!

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Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa denied Wednesday (August 14) that the Senate hearing on the alleged recruitment of students by leftist groups is aimed at suppressing student activism.

Dela Rosa, chair of the Senate public order and dangerous drugs committee, said the claim of youth groups was an affront to the parents who appeared at the hearing to decry the supposed kidnapping of their children.

A number of parents appeared at the committee’s first hearing held last week claiming their children were kidnapped by leftist organizations after recruiting them.

“To say that this hearing is meant to suppress student activism is a mockery to the parents who exposed their selves publicly. A parent can never be faulted for wanting to be with their children,” Dela Rosa, a former Philippine National Police chief, said.

Dela Rosa said the parents who testified at the hearing have reason to fear since they don’t want their children to be among those killed in the fighting between soldiers and communist rebels.

One of the students who were allegedly kidnapped by leftist groups, Alicia Lucena, has surfaced to deny she is missing. She said she ran away from home to pursue activism.

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