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Bato’s supporters cry foul over mockery of IQ: Didn’t Cory Aquino win despite being a housewife?

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Supporters of former Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa have cried foul over insults hurled at him after he admitted he’s clueless about making laws.

Dela Rosa’s supporters took to Twitter to slam his critics, reminding them that the late Corazon Aquino became President despite being a plain housewife.

“Some people make fun of Bato when he honestly admit that he did not know how to make laws and willing to take seminars to learn. The same people who adored Cory Aquino who took the highest political position in the country
her qualification- housewife,” said netizen @PMCampugan.

Twitter user @kylledumlao said: “People bash Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa for running the Senatorial race despite not knowing how to be one or the responsibilities of one. But adored Cory Aquino when she took the highest position in the Nation when she literally had no valid qualifications or any prior experience.”

Netizen @irlenmarkian tweeted: “People who bash Gen. Bato for his lack of experience are the same people who adore cory aquino who assumed the highest office with her qualification — housewife. Hays”

Dela Rosa candidly admitted he was clueless about making laws in an interview with CNN Philippines Tuesday (May 14).

Asked by News Night anchor Pia Hontiveros about the first thing he would do as senator, Dela Rosa said: “Ewan ko kung meron bang seminar dyan, or ano bang training dyan para matutuhan ko kung paano gawin ‘yung ng batas, kung paano gawin ‘yung trabaho sa senado. Kung merong ganon I’ll take that opportunity para matuto ako.”

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