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Bayan Muna chairman Neri Colmenares and party-list Rep. Carlos Zarate on Monday said the 11 point drop in Pres. Duterte’s trust rating in the latest Pulse Asia Survey can be attributed to the still high prices of commodities and the administration’s pro-China policy.

“Even with the still relatively high trust rating of Pres.Duterte, 9 out of 10 Filipinos believe that we should assert our sovereignty against China and prices of goods are still high,” said Colmenares.

“These are two of the most compelling reasons for the decline of Pres. Duterte’s ratings. The growing dissatisfaction is bound to happen because of the high prices caused by the TRAIN law, the ill effects of the rice tariffication law on farmers, the effects of the African Swine Fever on the hog industry and the massive traffic in Metro Manila and to top it off the continous trampling of our sovereignty by China,” said the progressive leader.

Pulse Asia released its September 2019 Ulat ng Bayan survey showing Duterte obtained a 78 percent approval rating and 74 percent trust rating, lower by 11 percentage points from the 85 percent trust rating he received in June.

Meanwhile, Zarate said this was the same pattern last year when the President’s net satisfaction rating went down to +45, which the SWS still classified as “good” but it suffered an 11 percent drop from the March survey when he had 56 percent while he had a 58 percent rating in December 2017.

“Now, if the TRAIN law is not repealed and it is continuously implemented, high prices prevail, extra-judicial killings continue, contractualization is unabated, the subservience to US and China persists and the peace talks is not resumed based on the previous agreements then we would not be surprised if it will plunge further faster,” he said.

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