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Bayarang blogger! James Deakin shows proof Jover Laurio got P18K to malign VIDEO with BBM


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Motoring journalist James Deakin has finally gotten proof that the flak he got for featuring former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in a video last year came from paid trolls.

In a Facebook post Monday (January 7), Deakin said an “independent political blogger” received money to attack him online.

Though Deakin did not name the blogger, the photos he posted point to Pinoy Ako blog owner Jover Laurio as the paid hack.

Deakin shared a screenshot showing Laurio paid P18,000 for Facebook to boost her blog post titled “Dear James Deakin” from January 22 to 29, 2018.

In Facebook parlance, boosting a post means allowing a wider audience to see it. Businesses and online personalities can boost their content for a minimum of $1 daily.

Deakin became a target of criticism online last year after he featured Marcos in a 12-minute video where they discussed Metro Manila’s traffic problem.

In response to the video, Laurio wrote a blog post advising Deakin to choose friends who were of “good influence.”

Deakin said the incriminating screenshot against Laurio prove “the attacks against me were sponsored, reactions were manufactured and monetized, and one ‘independent political blogger’ who has been duping her followers for quite some time now, has finally gotten exposed for what she is—a paid hack.”

The motoring blogger hinted that Laurio could face criminal charges over her online attacks against him.

“[M]y lawyer can have fun with her,” Deakin said.

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