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Beautiful Vernice Victorio is Duterte’s coma girl


She’s the girl who shook President Duterte from his “kama” so to speak.

The President has shown proof of life on Facebook to dispel rumors he was in a coma but the video has also awkwardly revealed his dinner date in Davao City Monday night.

Duterte, in trying to declare he was healthy, said he was having dinner with a beautiful lady from Davao named Vernice.

The President’s aide Christopher Go initially hesitated to take a video of Duterte and the lady until the President angrily directed him to follow his order and show both of them.

It turned out it was Vernice Victorio, former vice chair of the Climate Change Commission, whom Duterte said was on leave from Harvard University.

“Sabi nila comatose. How can you be comatose when you’re with a beautiful lady?” the President said in the video.