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Better job prospects for Pinoy nannies in China, says ACTS-OFW

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By Prince Golez

Filipino household service workers have more promising employment prospects in China than in Middle East, the ACTS-OFW party-list said.

In a statement on Sunday, Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III said there is a growing demand for domestic helpers in China’s first-tier cities.

“Demand is being driven by China’s rapid economic growth, which has lured some 600,000 expatriates to live and work there, as well as the growing number of upper middle class Chinese families who want their children to grow around English-speaking nannies,” added Bertiz.

The party-list representative also said working and living conditions in China are “better” compared to the Middle East.

“The problem with the Middle East is that they still have the kafala system, which China does not have,” according to him.

Kafala is a sponsorship system used by the Middle Eastern countries to monitor foreign workers, particularly those in construction and domestic services.

The system requires all unskilled migrant laborers to have an in-country sponsor for their visa.

Bertiz said Kafala, which operates in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Oman, has been crticized by international human rights groups for creating the conditions for the exploitation of migrant workers.

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