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‘Better to stan non-corrupt officials:’ Frankie Pangilinan brands DDS as most toxic fandom

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This politiko scion did not mince words when describing the army of supporters of President Duterte.

Singer Frankie Pangilinan, daughter of Senator Francis Pangilinan and megastar Sharon Cuneta, has described the DDS as the “most toxic fandom.”

“D/d/s be the most toxic fandom i swear,” Frankie tweeted Sunday, July 12. Her post earned more than 66,000 likes and retweeted more than 11,000 times.

She suggested instead supporting government officials who are not corrupt and killers. “Anyway, stan non-corrupt officials who care abt us and also haven’t killed 30000 people,” she said.

She also reminded people that DDS originally stands for Davao Death Squad. “And its original meaning is literally davao death squad ppl be out here forgetting that k bye,” she tweeted.

Frankie recently was under the spotlight after her bold pronouncements against victim blaming in rape cases. She said instead of teaching girls how to dress, people should be taught not to rape. Her remarks triggered the launch of #HijaAko movement seeking to end sexual violence.

Authorities have also started an investigation on the man who allegedly sent rape threats against her online.

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