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Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente on Wednesday (Oct. 7) reminded that foreigners are still not allowed to enter the country.

Morente pointed this out in response to calls of groups to allow the entry of foreign fiances of Filipinos.

“Generally speaking, only Filipinos, their spouse and minor children are allowed to enter the country holding tourist visas,” said Morente in a statement.

He added that also allowed entry are foreign children with special needs of Filipinos, foreign parent of minor Filipinos, and foreign parent of Filipino children with special needs.

However, he reminded that those who are eligible to enter are required to secure an entry visa from Philippine embassies or consulates prior to their arrival.

“We have encountered instances when spouses of Filipinos who previously enjoyed visa-free privileges try to enter the country under the same manner,” said Morente.

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