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Due to the pandemic, Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente said on Monday (Nov. 23) there have been more foreigners who have left the country from January to September compared to those who arrived.

“Similar to our overseas Filipino workers who wished to come home to their families during the pandemic, a lot of foreign nationals left as well,” said Morente in a statement.

“A lot of businesses closed, which also affected the foreign community in the Philippines,” he added.

Morente cited that from January to September there have 1.5 million foreign arrivals but, during the same period, there have been almost 2 million foreigners who have left the country.

With this, Morente expects the exodus of foreigners to continue by the end of the year.

The commissioner noted that topping the list of departures were Koreans with more than 400,000 exits.

This is followed by Americans and Chinese with around 300,000 departures, and Japanese with more than 166,000 exits.

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