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The Philippines has the biggest share in the $18.3 million in emergency health and humanitarian aid granted by the United States since the COVID-19 outbreak last month.

The US gave $4 million to help the Duterte administration to prepare laboratory systems, activate case-finding and event-based surveillance, support technical experts for response and preparedness, risk communication, infection prevention and control.

The US also gave locally sourced personal protective equipment (PP), training, exercises, and laboratory equipment and materials under the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

The other ASEAN countries which received aid from the US are:

* Myanmar $3.8 million
* Vietnam $3 million
* Indonesia $2.3 million
* Cambodia $2 million
* Laos $2 million
* Thailand $1.2 million
* Timor-Leste $1.1 million

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