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Binakuran na! Veteran politiko trades patron for top dog to secure kid’s chances in 2019 polls


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Veteran politiko (VP) isn’t leaving anything to chance when it comes to charming child’s (CC) political future.

VP has chosen to stick to top dog (TD) at the expense of his relationship with prominent patron (PP), who gave him a long leash to do what he wanted in his fiefdom a few years ago.

VP no longer shows up at occasions special to PP nor visits his residence, which he used to do often.

Instead, VP is busy spending time with TD outside their offices even though they really don’t have much official business to discuss.

With barely a year to go before the May 2019 midterm polls, VP wants to make sure CC will be TD’s anointed one in the race for a top local position.

Despite being an incumbent politiko with a familiar surname, CC’s victory isn’t certain because another politiko (AP) is TD’s party mate at the local level.

AP reportedly has his eyes moist on the position CC is aiming for, setting up the stage for a possible showdown.

As far as VP is concerned, there’s no other way for CC to go but up since he had groomed his child for it years ago.

With the surprising shifts and turns of Philippine politics, VP just wants to make the most out of his relationship with TD so CC will not be left out in the cold.

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