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Binay Roxas for 2016


After their bitter vice-presidential fight in 2010. Vice President Jejomar Binay has no problem with the possibility of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas materializing as his running mate in 2016. “That is one of the things being considered,” Binay told reporters. The same goes for Sen. Francis Escudero, “Nothing is impossible in politics. Everything is possible,” he added. Inquirer

“When you speak of a coalition, your chances of winning are high and you also develop unity among political parties,” Any politicking and mudslinging would be somehow lessened with political parties merging, he said. Not up to standards. &ldquo That is what they said. We just have to respect what they are saying,” Binay said. Inquirer

&ldquo The President has said he will support somebody who will undoubtedly continue the reform programs he has started. In the case of Binay, it’s very doubtful that he will continue the President’s reforms,” Erice said in a phone interview. Inquirer

&ldquo If the Vice President is really leading the surveys, then why is he desperately trying to get the support of the Liberal Party? Why is he desperately trying to get [Interior Secretary] Mar Roxas in the picture? Why is he desperately trying to get the President’s anointment?” he asked. Inquirer

&ldquo It would also be awkward for the President to be endorsing somebody whose party mates and allies were indicted for plunder because of the pork barrel scam,” he said. Inquirer

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